One-to-One Courses/Photo Mentoring

One-to-One courses are suitable for all levels from beginner to professional and can be tailored to cover topics from street and night photography to exhibition curation and printing. As I approach photography from a more artistic and creative perspective, it is an opportunity to shoot and explore subjects in new and different ways. After discussing your goals and needs, I will design a plan for you and we will work together to improve your technical knowledge, technique and composition ability while addressing your individual goals. You will receive regular regular feedback/critique and have many opportunities to practice what you have learned. This is ideal for the serious photographer who wants more than just a one-off session.


  • customized and tailored around people’s interests with the goal of creating unique compositions in an urban setting
  • no prior knowledge or experience necessary–all you need is your camera and an open-mind
  • no specific camera requirements
  • day or night classes available depending on individual interests
  • explore backstreets, unique spots and cool urban locations in Hong Kong

One to one photography courses*The rate for the courses is 8,500 HKD for a 10-hour package. I recommend that each session be at least two hours to maximize our time and be able to practice and reinforce new concepts and techniques.