“I did the 10 lesson course with Michael and it was a great experience. Very enjoyable, discovered new locations in Hong Kong and my photography improved immensely. Delighted with the new photos I now have.

Michael would also be ideal for a visitor to Hong Kong, a great chance to discover the city, improve your technique and take home some great shots.

Finally, I want to say you’ll find Michael to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable. A great use of my time!” (Andy C.)


“You rocked!!! Thanks so much for yesterday. It was awesome & truly inspirational.” (Maria Z.)


“It has taken me 6 months to write this about my work with Michael. The main reason for that is that he is so good the work hasn’t stopped yet and I hope it doesn’t. I booked a block of classes with Michael after a 20 year break from photography to get me back into it faster, with some direction and some inspiration. His approach to teaching opens up the world of photography around you (rather than framing it in technicalities), so from lesson one, you will start to see subject matter differently. As I have explored street, abstract and portrait work with Michael around Hong Kong, the journey has continued with the world getting bigger around my camera each time. He has guided me through day and night shooting, capturing moments on the street, seeing improbably photographs in all environments, as well as the planning and managing of portrait shoots. With a great balance of motivation and challenge, Michael basically brings out the better photographer in you – and he has proven to me that he can continue doing that way beyond the first few lessons. I’m lucky enough to live in Hong Kong, so exploring it was not highest on my agenda. However, exploring it with Michael and cameras is wonderfully fun, playful and edifying. So, whether you feel you want to hang out with a great fun and cool guy in some great locations in Hong Kong to take some fun photos, or get the inside track from a brilliant professional to take your photography to the next level, you’ll almost certainly get something a bit different and lot better than you anticipate. Michael is still my teacher and will remain my teacher.

(Dan C.)


“I just spent a half-day, exploring the back streets of Hong Kong with Michael. I must say this was time well spent as I got to see parts of the city I would not easily have seen following the beaten path. Shooting with Michael was like hanging out with a good old friend that shares the same passion for photography. He inspires you to see things in different ways and like the excellent pedagogue he is, he made me believe I was the one who found the perfect motives out there. I would warmly recommend hooking up with Michael, whatever your level of photography. You are in for a real treat! Thank you for a great day!” (Alexander D.)


“I enjoyed the street photography workshop a lot! Michael has a very direct and easy way to teach and showed us his favourite places to shoot in Central. The 4 hours of workshop was packed with information, was fun and flew very fast…too fast! Recommended!” (Simona R.)


“Your class was excellent, thanks again Michael! Added a new, fresh perspective to the way I see Hong Kong, and helped me further develop my POV!” (Denise W.)


“Really enjoyed Michael’s class today–he was very personable and passionate about photography. As a total beginner I felt slightly nervous before the classes as I was worried that I would slow others down or make a fool of myself asking silly questions. Did not need to worry at all. Felt totally comfortable asking anything and he was really patient – taking every question seriously and giving considered answers. Really appreciate the small group size too, felt like we all got some 1:1 time. I feel more confident and inspired so much that I came home and immediately signed up for another of Michael’s classes! Thanks, keep up the great work.” (Ruth M.)


“Michael is a great instructor. He has an approachable and personable style and will take the time to help you adjust your camera settings to get the right shot. The two hours in his classes fly by as you’re learning so much and getting good practice in. I’d definitely recommend one of Michael’s courses to anyone keen to improve their photography skills.” (Laura C.)


“Awesome photography course, very fun and I learned many helpful tricks to improve my own photography.” (Chris L.)


“Stunning & Beautiful pictures! Creative and Thoughtful point of views! Very talented Photographer!” (Molly M.)


“Michael has an amazing eye – he is a rare talent and very in touch with his surroundings!” (Sara M.)


“I took a full-day urban photo class with Michael. I will sum it up by saying it was amazing – wouldn’t change a thing! I had lived in Hong Kong for almost two years when I took the class and had walked by most of the streets we visited during the tour. And yet I felt that on that day, during that class, I discovered a new Hong Kong, a new way of seeing and living it with more colors, angles, frames – it came to life in ways it hadn’t before!  Michael also taught me how to take photos using different camera settings. I have a good camera but don’t know how to use it, so these instructions were particularly insightful and helpful. And at the end of the day I had 5-6 photos that had the “wow factor” (photos that I framed and gave out as presents!). But in addition to learning about Hong Kong, photography, and new ways of thinking of every day urban life, I had a wonderful time with Michael.  He is a truly genuine, interesting, kind and fun person!” (Montse F.)


“I was looking for a new challenge in my street photography and contacted Michael as I am a big fan of his style and work. We met and discussed my photography goals and agreed to meet regularly over ten weeks where we would explore the city and shoot together. After each session, Michael would send a thorough follow-up via email and would then critique my images, offering excellent and honest feedback. I learned so much from our sessions and have been able to easily apply the new skills and approaches learned from our meetings into my photography.  I would recommend anyone with an interest in photography to sit down and meet with Michael, his passion and love for art and photography is incredible.” (Tricia D.)


“One of the best ways to see a new city is with a guide. But even better is with someone who can show you what you sense is there, but can only see when you look for it. A good definition of an artist! My wife and I were able to see Hong Kong through the eyes of our photography because Michael showed us the way. Our photographs were inspiring and have lead us on a journey of new discovery with everyday photos ever since. I highly recommend Michael!” (David S.)


“I booked a flight and started planning my stay in HK, I felt already a bit lost while researching for this trip.  Hong Kong is so huge, where to start with? …and a bit of a culture shock to expected too. So while not to contact a local photographer? He knows the area and the people! So I found Michael’s website and contacted him. After writing a few mails everything was clear –> very uncomplicated. I met Michael on the next morning after my arrival and first we had a conversation, about interest and level of knowledge in photography. So after he knew me a bit and could customize the day for my “special needs and interests”. After all, I really had a great time this day and Michael showed me some really interesting places in Hong Kong, taught me some creative shooting techniques and how to act with the people. I cannot wait for a next HK trip! I would like to thank you for making that day that great and hope to meet you soon again!” (Dirk A.)


“I went to Michael with the hopes of improving my shot composition – I’m a videographer and was hoping to learn some techniques that I could apply in my field. Michael covered all the basic theories of photography as well as some of the more advanced ones, and was incredibly generous in giving me insight into many of his signature techniques and nuances.  From how to deal with subjects on the street, finding good shoot locations and showing me all the little gems that HK has to offer, to advice on working as a freelancer and monetising work.  He was a wonderful teacher, a huge inspiration & I couldn’t recommend his workshops enough.” (Jen R.)


“I spent a full day with Michael in January 2016. We spent the day walking around Central, Soho and Sheung Wan searching for a wide variety of urban shots from architecture to street photography, from documentary style to wildly abstract. Michael’s knowledge of Hong Kong and photographic techniques is superb and his enthusiasm for urban photography is contagious. It was a fantastic experience and really reignited my passion for photography. I went out hoping to get 1 shot that would capture what Hong Kong means to me and have come back with a dozen shots that I really love and to be honest am proud to have taken them. I am looking forward to going out with Michael again, but this time in the evening to capture the lights and bustling street scenes of HK nights.” (James A.)


“My wife and I took a morning course with Michael. I am disabled, difficulty walking, but that was taken into consideration, everything went at my pace. I am from a small town on the West Coast of Scotland and my photography is mainly landscapes, I then found myself in the middle of a wonderful city, how do I capture it to the max? That problem was soon solved by the excellent knowledge of photography and the city, that Michael imparts within his course. A lot of the photos I took, with Michaels guidance, got top 10% awards in competitions on the photography website, Viewbug, that speaks volumes for the high level of tuition we received. Thank you Michael, I recommend your course to anyone living in, or visiting, Hong Kong.” (Ian M.)


“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Michael. He is very knowledgeable and explains concepts and ideas in a simple way which, as a photography newbie, I greatly appreciated. But it wasn’t just about technique, he opened my eyes and helped me to appreciate our environment and look at life in a different way. Michael is an amazing photographer whose passion made the sessions so much fun.” (Kaori I.)


“I booked two hours with Michael on my last day of my 2 week trip through Asia. He is wonderfully easy going and very knowledgeable of Hong Kong – where to go to take great shots of the city. I highly recommend booking a photo outing with him. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time.” (Robin B.)


“I took an awesome session with Michael in Shibuya. After going over what we were going to cover we hit the streets. First off, was the famous Shibuya scramble. I have taken photos at that insane intersection before, they sucked. Under Michael’s tutelage, I took some photos that do not suck, ones I am more than happy with. We strolled around some other parts of the city that are not as well known, but more interesting in other ways, Michael definitely knows his way around Shibuya he took me places I had never really noticed before. He taught me what to look for and how to take the right kind of shots. I was most impressed that I learned how to look at the urban jungle in an entirely new light, honestly it was a revelation. I had been to Shibuya many times, but after that day I really saw everything differently. Understanding how to look at the environment was invaluable to helping me take some interesting photos. The feedback after the session was great, and seriously helped me understand what makes a photo great and what does not. I absolutely recommend taking a session with Michael, you will see things differently and learn a lot of useful skills to up your photography game.” (Craig H.)


“I really enjoy taking and looking at photos but I’m never really sure what I’m supposed to be doing with my camera. I’d always wanted to attend a photography class or workshop but was always anxious that I’d be the novice of the group and others would be quite advanced in photography skills. I enrolled in a one day workshop with Michael simply because I loved his images that he’d put up online. The workshop was an individual one where I was the only student. We strolled around the streets of Hong Kong and he encourages you to look at your surroundings with a new perspective. You can see immediately that Michael has a real passion for what he does. His friendly, patient and humorous manner makes the day fly by. Michael was more than willing to go over something if I wasn’t sure and he offered great advice on techniques and even after the workshop is completed, he stays in touch and is always willing to offer guidance when needed. He does critique your images but it’s done in such an encouraging and positive way. Don’t hesitate to join one of Michael workshops. He’s a genius at what he does but the bonus for me was that he was so friendly and approachable.’ (Gail J.)

I 100% recommend a tour with Michael – it was exciting, new and I felt like I was seeing Hong Kong in a completely different way. Michael is so friendly, keen to share his passion and very talented too. I had a great time, thank you!” (Scarlett W.)


“Spending the morning with Michael was a great way to uncover a different side of HK and keep a souvenir of it. Michael has great patience, tricks of the trade and ability to train your eye for the right photo.” (Mati P.)


“As a long-time resident of Hong Kong and as a photography hobbyist, I thought I really saw Hong Kong in a different light. Well that is until I did a full day Urban Photography class with Michael and only then really started seeing the city in a whole different way. My photography, especially the way I capture light and movement has really changed and I feel that I can actually finally make my camera take the pictures that I see in my head.” (Michelle L.)


“After a year of exploring Hong Kong on my own, I looked to improving my composition and understanding of street photography with an expert. Michael is a fabulous photographer whose work I greatly admire. A few hours with him roaming his favourite spots in the city has increased my sensitivity to photo opportunities on the street and taught me different and novel ways of using my camera to achieve interesting results. I have been out with Michael three times now and each time we go out I marvel at how much I learn. His expertise and his teaching background are a huge asset in the workshops, as well as in the follow up notes and analysis of my photographs.” (Olivia R.)


“Michael Kistler was just the perfect person for this class. He has the passion for the art and the patience for the novice learner. Michael has the unique blend of talent and ability to teach that made the session an enriching experience. I liked his style and his techniques inspired me to develop my ‘eye’ for composition. I will definitely sign up again for a class with him.” (Pallavi R.)


“I enjoyed the course with Michael immensely. I learned so much about composition in such a short space of time. His delivery was excellent, made all students feel comfortable with their own ability and gave brilliant examples of what kind of photos could be taken at each location. I most definitely feel more inspired and confident with street photography and I look forward to hearing about any further courses Michael might run.” (Hatty L.)


“If you haven’t picked up your camera for many years like myself and you find yourself living in Hong Kong, then you should definitely do one of the all day workshops with Michael. Michael gives you the immediate confidence to move straight out of the autofocus settings and into the manual camera settings which is where you want to be. The day with Michael has a relaxed flow about it that achieves many things and before you realize it you have walked around some great spots and have some amazing photos you thought you were never capable of. Michael is a great teacher and he certainly won’t disappoint.” (Glenn S.)


“After two years in Hong Kong I finally bought myself a digital camera to capture the sights of the city – but as my prior experience was limited to only using the camera on my phone I knew wasn’t getting the most out of my new purchase. Therefore a lesson with an expert seemed like the next logical step – but I wanted more than a technical lesson. So when I stumbled across Michael’s website, and the range of workshops he offers, I was delighted. From the start, it was evident that he was knowledgeable not only about photography but about unusual locations around Hong Kong. After a day exploring many hidden gems around Central I felt that I had learnt new skills that I could use in lots of different situations – helping me make my photography interesting and exciting. Michael’s support extended beyond the session with a follow-up email and feedback on some of my shots which I really appreciated. I’m really looking forward to booking my next session with him.” (Shaine B.)


“Having only previously used an iPhone for taking photos, I eventually took the plunge and bought a ‘proper’ camera. Receiving a gift of a half day photography lesson with Michael from my wife opened my eyes to what’s possible with some basic techniques. The day started in a relaxed cafe, going over some of the functions of my camera, Michael discussed what I wanted to get out of the session and outlined some of the places we would be shooting. Michael’s passion for his art shines through, his easygoing approach made the event a pleasure to take part in. I got a tremendous amount from his guidance, and to look at the world with a different perspective. We miss so much in our busy day to day lives, by Stopping; looking up, down in the gutters, or across a side street, revealed some amazingly beautiful scenes waiting to be captured in the moment. Micheal helped by drawing me into that world, even for half a day. Anyone wishing to further their techniques in photography would benefit from spending time with Michael, wandering around this dynamic city of hong kong, taking in the hidden scenic gems and learning new skills along the way. A highly recommended enjoyable experience.” (Jason S.)